Avenir - Laden & Café (see it live)

Concept, Web (Design & Code), Photography

Photography partly by:
Moritz Peters

Avenir is a café and store hybrid in the historic downtown of Lüneburg, Germany.
Some years ago it was founded by five former students, who love good coffee, craft beer and the idea to buy and consume in a responsible way. 

Having lovely and nice people behind the bar you can get many versatile products: sustainable Third wave coffee from local roasters, a wide range of international craft beer and diverse sweets.

As Lüneburg's first kind of craft beer store, it was important to spread the word and highlight the fact that you can buy the special beers in the café. But Avenir lacked a solid communication concept and all they had was a logo and a rather unuseful website without any valuable information.

To support my favorite café and the people behind it I started working on a concept for a web redesign. After I presented it to them it was clear that we would realize this as a non-profit project. To have a great pool of imagery I also captured some mood and product photographs. 

In an agile process and with a lot effort I created their new modern website which is based on WordPress and the Semplice framework. Mobile first of course!

Note: The logo is not part of the redesign and still is the original one.

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See it live in action:

The website and use of social media helped to increase the number of customers and as a result, the Avenir also has established itself as the local place to be when you're into Craft Beer. As you can see, the current team is really happy!