Detlev Fehringer


The Bienenbüttler Bienenhonig is a high-quality honey produced by Detlev Fehringer in the town of Bienenbüttel, Germany. Detlev is a retired biology & art teacher and a hobby beekeeper. Every year he obtains about 250 thousand grams of cold extracted honey.

I designed high-quality labels for his honey jars and gave them a certain look and feel which transports Detlev's ideals. Also, I took care of the label printing and production in mass circulation.

His honey is divided into three sorts: "Frühjahrsblüte", "Sommertracht" and "Waldhonig". For their production, Detlev Fehringer attaches great importance to an ecological and natural extraction. The three sustainable crafted honey grades are sold privately and in selected markets.

He pursues high-quality standards and follows ideal objectives instead of financial profit. This is the reason why for example he uses his bicycle (and not his car) to look after one of his bee colonies, which is placed in a distant forest.

Like it is very usual to most private beekeepers, the former jar labels had a very standard appearance based on a free template. That obviously didn't fit his product at all and visually did not live up to Detlev's quality standards and ideals.

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Using offset-printed uncoated paper, the new high-quality labels transport a valuable look mixed with a crafted impression.