Favics GmbH
(Julian Mohr & Jan Jatzkowski)

Art Direction, Concept, Branding, UI & UX, Web

Offline and not available anymore was a german internet startup based in Hamburg. It was an online platform for extraordinary fashion brands and people.

The project was unsuccessful though and did not survive the year of 2015. It seems that some of the core thoughts and design elements have been integrated into the owner's new project called NQYER (see a case study here).

Compared to modern UI standards the favics design I made is a little bit outdated — but since this is from 2012 I can live with that. Together with the founders I worked on all the designs (branding, screens, features etc.) and at some point, we collaborated with bitspire (former magic labs*). The bitspire team executed the fully handcrafted development of the website and took care of the IT behind it. Together we worked on the project in an agile environment á la Scrum & Kanban and shipped a beta after a few months. Favics BETA was a pretty neat Ruby on Rails webapp.

As a result I started working part-time @ favics and part-time @ bitspire.
Later favics and I parted ways and I worked full time at bitspire.


Sometimes I displayed features and design decisions in that way.

Full view of a shout, which was an innovative customizable text based post.

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Ideas for error pages like 404.