Student Project @ Alsterdamm
Concept, Packaging

Within the scope of my 6th semester, I had the task to create a concept for an erotic candy product collection. The goal was to create a product line which can be sold in sex shops on the famous "Kiez" in Hamburg (red light district - a popular tourist spot). 

A requirement was that the idea and visuals should not appear too plump and vulgar but instead keep a certain level of quality. The products themselves are simple standard kinds of candy (wine gums and jelly beans for example) but all that matters is the appearance of the packaging. Therefore the concept should not only sell some candy but a story and a possible gift for others. 

Portray different sexual preferences and combine them with colors, try to reach out to adventurous people and give them something to explore. Either it is the candy itself or a new sex toy. 

Your sex life is only black and white?
The passion is gone and you need a new coating?
Do something about it and color your sex life.
Explore yourself and conform to your lust.

I created full sized packings and crafted some concept pieces.