Student Project @ Alsterdamm

Corporate Design, Branding,

Within the scope of my 4th semester, I had the task to create my own personal Corporate Design. 
To achieve that, it was inevitable to analyze my own personality and its traits (since they should appear somehow in the visuals). 

Presenting my final design choices to other students.

For the logo, I used my initials as well as the proportions of the golden ratio / the Fibonacci sequence. By naming the brand "WEINHARDT Design" switching the initials or mirroring the logo was no problem at all.

The golden ratio had a purpose of course:
For example, it should portray my analytic and structural way of working and also my love for geometry.

All brand collaterals consist of:
Logo, typography, colors, stationery, business card, compliment card, stickers, envelopes, stamps, disc case, and notebooks.